The Firebird DTP plugin enables support for the Firebird database on the Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP).

You can find the source in the fbdtp repository on GitHub.

This plugin is a work-in-progress, but is currently not actively developed, bug reports can be posted on GitHub, or on the Firebird-Java mailinglist (see Firebird Lists and Newsgroups for details).

For now the basic plugin will be available for download here. Although the plugin follows the org.eclipse.* naming-convention, it is not (yet) officially condoned by the Eclipse Foundation, and there are still some licensing issues to work out.

FBDTP Version

02 June 2011

Bugfix version


  • Loading of multi-action triggers

  • Column loading for tables containing blobs

  • Loading of constraints

  • Loading of index columns

  • Order of indices in DDL generation

  • Linebreaks in DDL stored procedures and triggers

  • DDL generation for sequences

  • Leave delegation to plugin config, don’t hardcode


  • Largely untested (only minor testing done under Eclipse 3.5.2 with DTP 1.7.2 and Eclipse 3.6.2 with DTP 1.8.2)

FBDTP Version

10 July 2009

Bugfix and 'less-is-more' release


  • Code cleanup

  • More delegation to standard DTP implementation

  • Sourcecode added to distribution


  • Now all stored procedures are shown

  • Numeric fields are shown correctly in 'Data > Edit' (tested in Eclipse 3.5 / DTP 1.7)

  • Stored procedures code should be correct (unverified)

  • Trigger code is loaded

  • Menu 'Sample contents' now works correctly


  • (slightly) tested on Eclipse 3.5 / DTP 1.7, untested on Eclipse 3.4 / DTP 1.6

  • Some datatypes introduced in Firebird 2.1 might not work correctly

  • DDL for sequence/generators cannot be shown yet

  • Some formatting issues with 'Export DDL' (especially for triggers)

  • Due to changes it is possible that some exceptions occur (especially on the 'SQL Results' tab with previous queries); fix by removing all previous results or removing Firebird specific results

FBDTP Version

06 June 2009

First step integrating Roman Rokytskyy work.


  • Used other (generic) UI for connection

  • The full jdbc-URL must be used

  • Connection now uses two 'virtual' schemas, SYSTEM and USER, to separate system metadata (RDB$.. and MON$.. tables/views) from the usermetadata

  • Sequences (generators) are now visible

  • Selectable stored procedures are now grouped under stored procedures

  • Constraints are now shown


  • Untested

  • Only five stored procedures are shown

  • Numeric fields are not shown correctly in the 'edit'-view (context-menu on a table or view)

  • Stored procedure code is not correct (body usually is correct, but signature is wrong)

  • DDL for sequence/generators cannot be shown yet

  • Trigger code is not loaded

  • Dependencies are not shown

  • Some datatypes introduced in Firebird 2.1 might not work correctly

  • The option 'Sample contents' (context menu on a table or view) does not work

FBDTP Version

31 May 2009

First version based on Brian Fitzpatrick’s work.


  • Database version is 2.1, but it should work with most - if not all - Firebird versions

  • The connectionprofile wizard has a browse button (copied from the SQLite or Derby implementation): this doesn’t work correctly forfirebird and will be removed in a next version (see also next bullet)

  • Manually enter the 'Database location' as the string that would normally follow after the jdbc:firebirdsql:-part of the connection URL

  • Only rudimentary support for Firebird is available right now, so don’t expect too much

  • Specifying optional properties has not been tested yet

  • Stored Procedures are split among 'Stored Procedures' and 'User-Defined Functions'

  • User-Defined Functions are not shown

  • Stored Procedure definitions are not shown correctly

  • Sequences (generators) are not shown

  • Dependencies / constraints are not displayed